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From The Desk Of John Crestani
Malibu, California

I've got to be honest with you, to this day those figures above still give me goosebumps. 

I never thought I’d be one of those lucky people who got to live a jet-setting lifestyle, living on our own terms, and able to do pretty much whatever we want.
Certainly not when I was working a corporate job as an Analyst living paycheck to paycheck.


My life consisted of a 1.5 hour commute (there and back)...
To sit in a cubicle and be UTTERLY miserable
It felt like no matter what I did, no matter how many hoops I jumped through, or targets I exceeded - the needle wasn’t moving. (That's "Corporate John" to the left!)
After I paid my rent, bills, the crazy gas prices and put food on the table, I had barely anything left.

In fact, a recent survey revealed that a LOT of people are being forced to live like I used too.

Maybe even you...
  • Nearly 10% of those making $100,000 or more say they can't make ends meet
  • ​Most workers are in debt and many believe they always will be
  • ​78% of full-time workers said they live paycheck to paycheck
  • ​56% of all U.S. workers say that they’re in debt over their heads
Chances are if you’re in traditional JOB you’re Just Over Broke… and unfortunately, the OVERWHELMING likelihood is that things are going to STAY that way...
Having Your Eyes locked on your bank account every month is no way to live
I’m sure you’d agree, right? 

As for the government coming in to help, or your boss giving you a raise? 
That’s likely never going to happen either. 
Salaries in America
Are decreasing every single year.
Your job isn’t safe.
... and you need more money to survive.

With living expenses spiraling, house prices skyrocketing, and retirement costs getting higher and higher… your salary is getting stretched further, and further.

Wouldn’t you agree that affording your grocery bill every week is becoming more and more challenging? 

When you couple that with the little increases to your subscriptions and bills that start to seriously add up over time too…

Your belt is getting tighter and tighter - isn’t it? 

To the point where you’ve got hardly anything left over to go out and enjoy life. 

You Need To Add WAY More To
Your Current Salary
Your Current Salary
To Increase Your Quality Of Life
To Increase Your Quality Of Life
When I realized that there is more to life than "just getting by" and that I deserved my piece of that pie, I did what most people do.

First, I tried freelancing. But, all I did was trade one boss in for 10. No thanks, freelancing! 

Then I tried eCommerce, and eBay. It made me a few $$’s, but as I tried to scale I found myself doing MORE work than I did in the 9-5. No thanks, eCommerce! 

Now before you reached this page, you may've found this as well. 
You may've realized that many of the ways that can make you money on the side require too much work, skill, or resources to succeed. 

At this point in my life, I was ready to throw in the towel. 

I'd taken a huge leap trying to make more out of my life... and so far it felt like one failure after the other.

Then, I discovered Kelly Felix AKA “The Rich Jerk” and everything changed… but not in the most conventional way. 

He was hosting a Mastermind for successful marketing people. 
... I definitely wasn't successful at the time at all.

The ticket price was in the thousands. That definitely wasn’t in my budget. 

But you know that feeling you get, that voice in the back of your head that tells you "this will change everything"?

Well I listened to it.... 
... And I snuck into the Mastermind!! 
I cornered The Rich Jerk and asked him, “How do I do this? How can I be a success online?”  

Whether he appreciated my boldness, or pitied my desperation, I don’t know. 

What I do know is, the thing he said to me would go on to shape the rest of my life...

He said:
“Stop Trying To Create Your Own Path As An Entrepreneur…
...You Will Fail!"
...You Will Fail!"
He suggested I follow a proven formula that is already working, has already proven itself, and is making millionaires like clockwork:  

Affiliate Marketing! 

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and then you earn a commission for each sale that you make.

It’s how Kelly made his millions. 

I thought it sounded crazy at first. 

I thought I’d snuck into a multi-million Mastermind and risked getting arrested for nothing. 
So, like a fool, I ignored his advice, and kept doing what I was already doing and lo and behold, I kept failing too. 

A couple of months down the line I reluctantly decided to give Affiliate Marketing (and Kelly’s advice) a go…  
It was the ultimate slap in the face
In my first year I earned $388,677.00 (MORE THAN 5X MY SALARY IN MY 9-5 JOB!) while I was still working as an Analyst and still commuting 3 hours a day. 

Imagine what you could do 
with that kind of money? 

  • Travel the world  
  • ​Secure a carefree retirement 
  • ​Buy your dream car
  • ​Pay off your mortgage
  • ​Cover your kid's college fees
  • ​Take up a new hobby 
  • ​Create unreal memories with loved ones
  • ​Do month-long charity work at a time 
  • ​Sit on your couch all day and relax
  • ​Take the weight off your shoulders 
The opportunities would be endless. 
You’re probably not surprised to hear that
I quit my job that year...
I quit my job that year...!
In my second year in Affiliate Marketing
 I nearly tripled my earnings...
... Generating $933,944.00! 
Now, as I write this letter... I’m doing $908,292.11 PER MONTH.
Here's a screenshot from when I hit $715,870.00... 
And even this is currently outdated. I'm making SO much more now!
In total, I’ve made $19,700,000.00... and I owe it all to my simple, 3-Step Blueprint! 
My simple 3-Step Blueprint is:
People - Place - Product
People - Place - Product


You need people to sell your product to


You need a place to sell them products


You need a product to sell them... And make a commission out of every sale!
The Best Part?
This system only requires 4 hours of work a week!
And it has nothing to do with:
  • Product Creation 
  • ​Funnel building 
  • ​Shopify/Amazon eCommerce
  • ​Multi-level Marketing 
  • ​Bitcoin 
  • ​Creating a digital agency/consultancy 
But not only that, to make this system work you don’t need:
  • An audience/email list 
  • ​Online experience or “tech” skills
  • ​Your own product (and you never will) 
  • ​Inventory/shipping systems 
  • ​Social media 
  • ​A big budget
  • ​Clients, employees, or to talk to anyone 
At first, like I did, you might have to fit it in around your existing job

But, it works out to be just 30-minutes of your time per day

30-minutes of time is easy to find if you spend less time on social media, watch less TV, or wake up half an hour earlier. 

This is going to change your life - find the time.
Over $956.00 made by Frank B. with this same system!
Thousands of dollars every day with
this same system!
When you put those 3 steps together, you have a profitable side-hustle that can generate you up to $10,000.00 on top of your current salary.

I invested millions of dollars figuring out my 3-step "People, Place, Product" blueprint.

I have tested hundreds, if not thousands of different pages, ads and creatives to come up with the PERFECT system that makes this all work effortlessly…

… and I’ve tested this with hundreds of students just like you to make sure that this actually works and is repeatable.

And the good news?

Today you Can get access to everything

Today I’m going to give you my ENTIRE system!

I want to give you the EXACT Steps, My Swipe Files, Ads, Presell Pages, Products, and EVERYTHING you need to make this work

I put together a step-by-step training program that can help you generate similar results and income in your own life. Without further a-do.... (drum roll please!...)


The Super Affiliate System

(Or SAS For Short!) 
The Super Affiliate System is a training course designed to help you create a successful affiliate marketing business that generates YOU a sizeable income month after month. 
Our goal:
To Help You Make $2,500.00 From Home

Or Up To $10,000.00 From Home… 

I, John Crestani, "The Man Who's Already Made $19,700,000.00 With This System" will become your mentor.

I won’t sleep until you’re making $2,500.00, or $10,000.00 from home, period. 

Our training course is going to show you, step-by-step, how to create multiple streams of income with my simple 3-Step system.

It’s crazy and it took me a long time (and a lot of money -- millions of dollars) to figure this out!
Like Ryan Dinnnebeil here, ex-Arcade Manager
over $100,000.00 with this System!
Over $1,000.00 made by Keenan in his first week!

This isn’t theory

These are the exact steps from someone who has done this multiple times and has helped hundreds of people around the world, just like you, to do the same!

And we won’t stop at $10,000.00 either.

With this system - the sky isn’t the limit…
… the stars are!

Results like these

Are in reach!

Are in reach!

Ahsan H. generated $7,800.00 in his first month with this system!

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up 

To The Super Affiliate System PRO TODAY!
To The Super Affiliate System TODAY!

1. My Super Affiliate Blueprint

SAS Pro is comprised of 5 parts and many special bonuses (that we'll explain shortly in detail)...!

THIS is my favorite part of everything that we’re giving you today.

Inside, I’ll show you the exact system that is solely responsible for over $19,700,000.00 in sales for me.

But that’s not all…

You’ll learn:
  • How our students are making sales in 24 hours or under when they sign up
  • How to get started WITHOUT needing much experience, technical skill or any special ‘talent’
  • How to work the SAS system for only 4 hours a week and STILL see amazing success...
It Gets Even Better...
You’ll be getting LIFETIME access to The Super Affiliate System.

That means every time we update this (we’re on our fourth improved version now) - you'll get it… completely FREE!

Everything inside the course is set up for YOUR success which means you’ll have an entire team and clear goals to keep you on track and accountable.

We’ve even set the entire training up in multiple languages so anyone, anywhere can implement this system and see success.

In fact, we’ve even spent tens of thousands of dollars making the members area as easy to navigate as possible so it will work on ANY device!

Seriously, you’re going to struggle to find an excuse as to why this won’t work for you…

… because it’s working for so many people just like you!
You’ll be getting UNLIMITED access to The Super Affiliate System.

That means every time we update this (we’re on our fourth improved version now) - you'll get it… completely FREE!

Everything inside the course is set up for YOUR success which means you’ll have an entire team and clear goals to keep you on track and accountable.

We’ve even set the entire training up in multiple languages so anyone, anywhere can implement this system and see success... (every video even has captions, wow!)...

In fact, we’ve even spent tens of thousands of dollars making the members area as easy to navigate as possible so it will work on ANY device!

Seriously, you’re going to struggle to find an excuse as to why this won’t work for you…

… because it’s working for so many people just like you already!

2. PEOPLE - How To Find People To Sell Products To

“If a tree falls in an empty forest, does it make a sound?” 
... That’s a question widely debated, and something we may never know the answer to. 
But, something we do definitively know is:

“If a product doesn’t have the right audience,
it may as well not exist” 

You could choose the best product in the world that has the power to change people’s lives and maybe even change the world…
...but without the right audience, it still wouldn’t make a single penny. 
In fact, it’ll wind up losing money - big time
That’s how powerful getting the right people in front of your product is. 
It’s why so many products, services, and businesses crash and burn before they even get off the ground…  

Luckily - we’ve got you covered here!

You’re going to get access to millions of dollars worth of testing, tweaking, and perfecting, that means that the products you'll choose will be shown to the exact people that want to buy it, the first time around.
  • You'll learn our step-by-step, easy way to find and target the right people at the right time!
  • How to get in front of them easily (this is click-by-click training so you need NO experience)
  • ​Our Million Dollar Swipe File: You can literally copy-and-paste our best performing ads, images and videos into your OWN campaigns.
  • ​Plus, we’ll show you how to get started with paid advertising for just $5/day
Sound good?

It’s only going to get better.
👆 One of these a day is ALL you'll need to make this work

3. PLACE - Where To Sell The Products

So, you’ve got the perfect audience’s attention that is ready to buy the product you've chosen - now what?! 
Now, you send them to pages and websites that are so irresistible that they can’t help but click on your offer and give you the sale (and then you make a commission!)...
It’s as simple as that! 
We have an entire library of templates that have generated millions of dollars…

And when you sign up, you get them ALL!

Inside the Super Affiliate System
we're going to give you:

  • Done-For-You Presell Pages: These have been optimized over millions of dollars and you can literally click and copy them in under 5 minutes.
  • ​How to set up your entire website for $2 for a month (Again, this is tech newbie friendly!)
It takes under 5 minutes to set these up and you'll only have to do it once! (It's a one time it once and never do it again!)...

We have hundreds of success stories from students who have automated this process…

… and if they can do it - so can you!
All the 'tech stuff' takes less than 5 minutes to set up

4. PRODUCT - What You're Going To Sell

The third, and final piece of the puzzle.

By now, you’ll know how to set up your simple 1-page website in under 5 minutes (one click and it's done...) - and you’ll have access to our million dollar swipe files so you can literally copy and paste our best performing ads….

… now you need to know WHAT to sell.

For a lot of people this becomes a minefield
Ever heard of “shiny object syndrome?” 

That kicks in FAST
There are so many different offers and products that you could sell -- it can become pretty overwhelming. 
So, how do you know what offers you should sell with this system, and what offers you should avoid like the plague? 

SAS PRO has you covered (again!)

We’ll hand you the best product / affiliate offers out there, including some of the ones I'm currently using myself!

Basically, we’ll be your very own vetting service - only leaving you with the best of the best. 
And get this… 
I’ve shown some of the top product creators how amazing our students are and have managed to unlock some backdoor access to the best, highest converting products...
… So doing this one through me, John Crestani, means you'll get guaranteed acceptance into this exclusive listing of top products to sell, otherwise closed to most affiliate marketers out there!

5. 24/7 VIP Support

In this day and age it’s very rare…

… but we actually care.

Our students' success is OUR success and that’s why I have HEAVILY invested in our amazing 24/7 VIP Concierge & Support Center.

As a student of ours, you get free access to live calls each and every week with our team.

We are going To Be By Your Side All The Way To Your Success 

On these calls, we’re going to do everything we can to help you avoid mistakes and fast-track your success.
But, all of this support isn’t a short-term thing...
You’ll get LIFETIME ACCESS to our trained SAS coaches who will review your campaigns and help you implement them.
I pay these coaches thousands of dollars to look after MY businesses, but you are getting all of their expert advice at no additional cost for the rest of your journey. 
Ahsan made over $7,800.00 in revenue with this system!

PLUS, The Next 17 People

To Sign Up Today ALSO Get...
To Sign Up Today ALSO Get...
 Fast Action Bonus #1

 The $10,000 Challenge ($1,997.00)

 The $10,000 Challenge ($1,997.00)

The premise of this is simple, if you succeed with our system and generate $10K in sales we will give you your entire course investment back. 

We are doing that because our goal is simple - to have you SUCCEED with this system and create a life-long business and better life for yourself.

When you DO succeed with SAS PRO, you deserve your investment back for all of your hard work -- and we'll be sure to give it to you. 

We are PAYING you to succeed! 

Now, before I go any further with these bonuses, think about that for a second... how much would $10,000.00 change your life? 

You could pay off a chunk of your mortgage, clear any debts you have, buy a car, go on an awesome vacation, or simply loosen your belt a bit and take the weight off your shoulders. 

What would that be worth to you? 

How much happiness, relief, and new experiences would that bring into your life? 

And remember that $10,000 is just the start with SAS PRO...
 Fast Action Bonus #2

Tried, Tested & Perfected Traffic Strategies ($647.00) 

Tried, Tested & Perfected Traffic Strategies ($647.00) 

Now you might be thinking “John, what if I don’t have $5 a day spare to spend on traffic? Does this mean I can’t join SAS PRO?” 

Of course you can join - in fact, you’re an ideal person for SAS PRO

When you sign up, we're going to show you FREE traffic strategies that you can use to start making sales as soon as you join for $0.

Which means you can start seeing returns on your initial investments without spending a dime more! 
 Fast Action Bonus #3

 FREE Ad Credits ($1,245.00) 

I’m going to let you into a little secret…when I started out I used $95 of free ad money.
That kind of money is hidden from “regular” people - one day I’ll tell you how I got hold of it - but for now just know that $100 was my springboard to generating $19,000,000.00. 

So, guess what? 

I’m going to give YOU free ad money  

But, instead of just $95 we are going to give you $1,245.00 - that’s 13x the amount I started with.

You can use this $1,245.00 in free ad money to get started WITHOUT investing a single dollar out of your own pocket on ads.
Basically you’re already ahead before you even begin! 
  Fast Action Bonus #4: 

Buyer Data for AI-Driven Ads ($1,997.00) 

Here’s the deal...normally you’d have to create ads and then figure out all the targeting for yourself. 

Facebook has 2.41 billion plus monthly active users alone. So, trying to work out who’s best to put your product in front of is no walk in the park. 

In fact, it can be near on impossible to
get targeting right So That You Make A Profit...

...UNLESS, you’ve got the time and money for a lot of trial, error, and shouting at your screen.

To avoid ALL of that…

We’re going to give you data that we're currently using in my OWN business, to upload to Facebook...

When you do, Artificial Intelligence will do all the heavy lifting for you! 

It’ll pinpoint exactly who you need to target to profitably run your ads -- making your life 100x times simpler!
 Fast Action Bonus #5:

High Ticket Commissions ($1,950.00)

Being in the business as long as I have comes with its advantages - even some unfair ones.
If you join SAS PRO you’ll be automatically entitled to them...

Like, getting you into a secret affiliate program that gets you $1,950.00 PER SALE…

Instead of just $20/$30 per sale that some other affiliate products offer! 

To put it into perspective, if you’re not in the secret program you’d have to make 60 sales for every 1 sale you make in the program. 

If you made 60 sales in the secret program you could make $117,000.00. 

I’m sure you’d agree that’s a pretty big difference… 

But, it’s the perks of being in SAS PRO! 
 Fast Action Bonus #6:

Student Case Studies ($747.00) 

Students who joined SAS PRO have gone from $0 and zero experience to generating over $50,000.00 in results. 

We’ll show you the exact ads, pages, and systems they used so you can replicate it for yourself. 

You wouldn’t believe some of the success stories we’ve got to share. 

And the best part? 

I just know you’re going to relate to them BIG TIME. 
 Fast Action Bonus #7:

Extra Login ($997.00)

We know it’s scary putting yourself out there and embarking on a brand new journey.

So, we figured why not bring someone along with you? 

That way you get all the moral support you need… and they get a chance to change their lives for FREE. 

When you join today, we'll give you an extra login for someone to join you on your SAS Pro journey...

It could be your business partner, spouse, best friend, neighbor or parent - it’s your choice! 

Just imagine how incredible that would be? Your decision to sign up today could be a DOUBLE life-changer for you, and someone you care about! 

So, what's it going to be?
 Fast Action Bonus #8:

1:1 Call With Me, John Crestani ($5,000.00) 

This bonus is all about speed.

I want you to get on a call with me, John Crestani, so we can fast track your success.

I've made 19,700,000.00 with this system and I want to help you make your big goals, dreams and ambitions come true.

On the call we’ll get down to business right away.

I’ll help you iron out any concerns or confusions you might have and make your journey as smooth as I possibly can. 

It’s a chance for us to hang out and get to know each but most importantly it’s a chance for us to make HUGE changes in your life. 

Joining Today Means That
You Get All Of This: 

  • Lifetime Access to Super Affiliate System PRO – Worth $4,985.00
  • ​Million Dollar Swipe File: Copy & Paste Ads! - Worth $2,997.00
  • Click & Copy, Done-For-You Presell Pages - Worth $1,247.00
  • ​The Best Products + Guaranteed Acceptance - Worth $1,497.00
  • 24/7 VIP Concierge & 4x Monthly Coaching Calls - Worth $2,497.00
  • ​No-Risk, Success Guarantee (Get Your Money Back!) - PRICELESS
  • BONUS #1: When You Succeed, Your Entry is FREE - Worth $1,997.00
  • ​BONUS #2: Free Traffic - Costs $0 to Get Started - Worth $647.00
  • ​BONUS #3: $1,245 in Completely FREE Ad Credits - Worth $1,245.00
  • BONUS #4: Buyer Data for Artificial-Intelligence Ad - Worth $1,997.00
  • BONUS #5: Make High Ticket Commissions - Worth $1,950.00
  • ​BONUS #6: Case Studies of $0 to $50,000 - Worth $747.00
  • ​BONUS #7: Extra Login For Spouse/Biz Partner - Worth $997.00
  • ​BONUS #8: 1-on-1 Call With John Crestani - Worth $5,000.00

TOTAL VALUE: $27,803

For A Short Time, You Can Get ALL Of That...

At The Lowest Price It's Ever Been Offered
At The Lowest Price It's Ever Been Offered
On This Page And This Page Only
On This Page And This Page Only
If you put EVERYTHING together, you’re looking at well over $27,000.00 in value.

And that’s not one of those jacked up figures either.

If you were to buy everything separately - I would be asking for $27,803.00 to be exact…

But today, I want to give you EVERYTHING…

INCLUDING the 8 amazing bonuses that we talked about above…

And I won't charge you the full $27,000.00

I won't charge you $17,000.00

I won't even charge you $4,985.00 - what it's currently being sold at.

Today, and today only, we're going to apply a coupon that takes close to $4,000.00 OFF the price.

Bringing your investment in the entire Super Affiliate System PRO to just $997!

If you break up your investment today over the course of one year, you'd be looking at exactly $2.73/day to get access to my entire system!

That's less than a daily latte in Starbucks!

So are you ready to use the exact same system that our members are using to build the lives they deserve?

Like pastor Tyler Ellison right here...
Tyler Ellison was able to make $1,483,376.48 with this system!
Or Brian Pfiffer, Ex-Limo Driver!
Brian is able to earn up to $5,000.00 every day with this system!
Or Moad here who went from zero to +$3,000.00 in just 2 short weeks!
Moad is now earning $3,000.00 every day with this system!

Try The Super Affiliate System

100% Risk FREE

We GUARANTEE that you’ll have success and make your purchase price back OR MORE within 30 days of joining.

And if you don’t?

Well - we’ll work with you until you do.

And if that doesn’t work out?

We’ll give you back your FULL Investment.
In fact, with fast action bonus #1 - after you make your first $10,000 with our system - we’ll give you your entire fee back, anyway!

How’s that? A refund when you succeed, or a refund if you don’t.

There's literally nothing to lose...
But you need to act
Right NOW!
Right NOW!


Because this $3,988.00 discount offer is only being applied to the next 30 people who take action.

After that, the price is going right back up to $4,985.00

Not only that but...

If you want to make sure you get access to these 8 bonuses...

They are only available to the next 17 people.

That means that if you are number 18, you'll be able to get in BUT you won't get any of the bonuses.

So, make sure to take action right now so that you're one of the next 17 people to join:
I Lost Over $1,816,584.22 By Not Taking Action
But You Have WAY MORE To Lose 
The truth is, as successful as I am - I could be so much more successful.

I'm now generating over $900,000.00/month with this system and every single month I pushed off starting this business was another $900,000.00 I could have made.
So, don't make the same mistake as me - Act NOW!
And you know what’s worse? There are other factors in play today that weren't around when I first got started.

There’s even more at stake for you here… 

We are in the midst of a retirement crisis that is only set to get worse before it gets better (and who knows when that might be.) 
Over $715,870.00 earned with this system!
The economy is also failing, and there’s a huge chance we’re facing another recession right around the corner. 

Are you prepared for that? Can you weather that storm? 

I can. 

In fact, my house burned down to the ground in the Malibu, CA fires (and we lost everything) -- and while it was very challenging for our family emotionally, we were virtually unaffected financially due to my successful business...

And more importantly, my students can also weather a storm like that... but only because we took ACTION.  

The scary thing is that those are only two examples… 

There’s 1,000,0001 other factors guaranteed to keep pushing you down, unless you start pushing back.
Right Now,
You Have 2 Choices:

Option #1

You ignore everything you’ve read on this page. You decide you’re happy where you are and you’re willing to tackle the incoming economy crash head on, on your own.

You don’t want any extra income and you want to keep struggling.

Option #2

You listen. You take action. You join our training today. 

Remember, unlike any other training or guarantee out there, we are actively paying you for your future success. 

We want you to earn your first $10K and to get your investment back. 

Ask any one of our students and they’ll tell you how much money, time and effort we invest into you. 

It’s unrivaled.

Everything you need to completely transform your life and get the security and freedom you deserve is literally a click away

Make the right choice today and join The Super Affiliate System and partner with me!

Let's talk worst case scenario for a moment...
Let's say you join today and somehow only made $100 a week with this system...

Well, do the math with me.

In that case, you'd be making $14 per day.

... which means you'd make your entire investment back in under 2 months!

And the best part is that you're obviously going to make SO MUCH MORE than that!
Seth earned $921.22 in less than 7 days with this system!

What If I Can't Afford

The Super Affiliate System PRO Right Now?
The Super Affiliate System PRO Right Now?
As amazing as SAS is…
… and as great as our student’s successes are - you are still required to make that $997 investment. 

I can’t discount the price any more than I already have... and I know for some that amount of money is still a big ask.
(Even if you know you’re going to get your investment back in the future!) 

⚠️ BUT, here’s what I can do⚠️

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Here are MORE real results from people just like YOU!

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